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Thank you for visiting the Chinese Turfgrass Society(CTS) web site. If you wish to find out more about CTS or wish to talk to someone in our office you may reach us at the following address and phone numbers:
The Chinese Turfgrass Society
Chinese Turfgrass Society of Chinese Grassland Society

China Agricultural University
No.2 Yuanmingyuan West Road
Haiduan district, Beijing 100193
P. R. China
Phone: 86-10-62731331,86-10-62732793
Fax: 86-10-62731331
Email: ctsoffice@yahoo.com.cn;
Office Staff:
President: Zhou He Ph. D, professor
Secretary general:Sun yan Associate professor

About CTS

Chinese Turfgrass Society (CTS) was established in 1983. It is a branch of Chinese Grassland Society, a non-governmental academic society for grass science and technology in China. Present, CTS have 1,200 individual members and group members.
CTS major aims is:

  1. To unite turfgrass scientific researchers and technicians
  2. To disseminate turfgrass science and technology knowledge
  3. To promote turfgrass research
  4. To accelerate turfgrass industry development in China

General Activities:

    • Organize academic meetings and symposiums regularly
    • Conduct training courses independently or jointly
    • Organize symposium on specific topics independently or co-operatively
    • Compiling popular books and publication of turfgrass
    • Propagate knowledge of turfgrass by various medias
    • Promote the cooperation of provincial sub-societies of turfgrass in China
    • Advance the international cooperation and communication
    • Providing consultation service




    The Executive Directors of the Seventh Chinese Turfgrass Society of Chinese Grassland Society

    President:Zhou He Ph. D
    Vice-president:Liu Zi-xue Ph. D?
    Bai Xiao-ming?Ph. D,
    Han Lie-bao Ph. D,
    Liu Jian-xiu Ph. D,
    Pu Xin-chun Ph. D,
    Bai Shi-qie Ph. D.
    Hu lin Ph. D,
    Zhang Zhi-guo Ph. D

    Secretary general:Sun Yan


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    Do not duplicate without written permission.
    CTS, Beijing 100193, China.
    Phone 86-10-62731331, Fax 86-10-62731331 or Email ,ctsoffice@yahoo.com.cn; cts-china@sohu.com.


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